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Counselling & Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Licensed RCSW & RCC

Work with a therapist licensed through multiple registration bodies, who offers reasonable out of pocket rates, and who many extended health insurances reimburse.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Depth and emotion focused talk therapy that works with the individual’s history in order to inform their present life.

Unique Perspective & Approach

With a background as an artist and writer, my therapeutic practice is informed by rich life experience and continuous curiosity.

My Approach

Therapy is a unique relationship where an individual can learn about themselves, their past, and what they would like their present self to be through a process of analysis, discussion, acceptance, and integration. I believe that every individual has a unique story that they are trying to write in this lifetime. Various obstacles, challenges, and even traumas can prevent each of us from seeing the clarity of who we are and the story we want to live. As a psychotherapist and social worker by training, I view the individual as a complex vitality amidst a number of different factors (environmental, biological, psychological, and economic) and I try to accompany my clients through the story they are trying to locate with all of these factors in mind.

Saul Steinberg, Techniques at a Party

Let’s work together

Short term, long term, or somewhere in between, psychotherapy with Mary Elizabeth Borkowski might be the right step for you.